Jordan McDowell Illustration

Upon moving to Asheville in spring of 2018, Jordan found a fresh start and upcoming platform for her artistic expressions, which was a stark contrast to her drained creative juices living in New York City for 7 years.


In high school, Jordan wanted to be an artist, so she thought moving from Florida to NYC would give her the opportunity to become an artist for a living, but she was caught off guard by constantly having to be in survival mode. She was so depleted living there that she didn’t even make anything for that whole 7 years. All of her energy was doing into the day to day of living in NYC: “I was working at Wine Spectator as a tasting coordinator. That environment was really toxic to me and I really hated the corporate environment, so I was actively trying to find a career choice that I could make my own and work for myself.”


In Fall of 2017, Jordan and her husband decided to move to Florida to be with her family and take some time to rest and reassess. This was where Jordan rediscovered her creative side and began to paint - she painted every day for a few months and realized, “Oh my gosh, this is it! This is what I want to do!” In January, 2018, she started painting watercolor, which is a majority of what she creates now. Jordan loves painting with bright colors, plus, having a BS in Food Studies at The New School in NYC studying food policy and food culture really “influenced my subject matter – I paint a lot of food. Mostly because I really love painting with vibrant colors and you can get so many amazing natural colors in food. So that’s part of the reason why I geared myself towards that – it’s just my background.”



March 2018, Jordan and her husband decided to move to Asheville where she could pursue being a maker for a living. By May, she was already asked to hang her work in Odd’s Cafe and by June she was selling at farmers markets. Jordan is totally the type of person who once she sets her mind to something, she is all in with a lively intensity. “The best part is the fact that I only have to work a part time job and not a full time job to support myself and my husband. I make money doing something that I really love to do! And that sounds so cheesy and corny and everyone says that but it feels so empowering.”


Jordan is a freelance illustrator - find her work on Etsy and follow her Facebook and Instagram for more. 


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