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Five years ago, while attending art school in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Casey decided it was all a little much and pulling her in too many directions. Casey wanted to focus more and to take time for herself so she moved east to, “the heart of the city, in West Asheville.”


Casey loves the West Asheville Tailgate Market, especially since it is only a five minute walk from her house, so if she ever runs out of something, like turmeric, she can just, “walk there and see if one of the vendors have it and most of the time they do.” Casey prefers shopping at the market over Ingles, as it increases her connection to the grower/maker: “If you go to Ingles or something the food feels weird and not quite touched by someone, even though I know it was, but at the market the person who grew it is handing it to you, which is so cool!” Casey also pointed out that the market feels way more accessible than people may think, and no one is judging you for not bringing cash (and having to get tokens) or buying what you want to buy.


Being more connected to the source of the products is one of the main reasons Casey shops at WATM. Her and her best friend get together regularly for what they call “tinc tinc night,” where they make tinctures: “It’s really nice to have the product that you got from somebody that you know with someone you know, I feel even more of a sense of a community, ritual, and food - it makes you feel apart of the process. The circle is completed.”


Let’s not forget Casey’s favorite part of the’s the bagels! Casey loves how Home Free Bagels taste and how they are usually still warm from coming out of the oven. She also really enjoys getting tea from Cornerstone Tea. “It’s like prepping for winter. They have all the things I need to go into straight hibernation mode. And I can walk there!”


Casey is incredibly thankful to have been chosen as a celebrity judge from the community for the Halloween Pet Parade: “It was the highlight of my year!...I think it’s really cool to include pets and family to really build a community for them and give them something to look forward to.” Her judge entry below was too good not to share.


“I am the judge you are looking for. I have previous experience with pet events, working once as a dog wedding coordinator and photographer (the canine couple are still on cloud nine & I have the pictures to prove it!) I have put in extensive research and development into just what makes a judge great (thank you Rupaul, Simon Cowell & Tyra Banks). I embody the kind of vulnerability and enthusiasm that has been brought to tears by a puppy in a sweater before. I went to school to study toy design— I know what is cute and craftily made. And last but not least, multiple people have told I am pretty funny- I’m really good with situational banter and work retail so I spend a lot of my time chatting and complimenting. This is my actual dream come true, please throw me a bone!”


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