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“It’s the life force energy and I’m the conduit. It’s not just me, it’s the life force energy that we learn to pass through our crown chakra through our hands to actually do the work. I’ll take a little credit, but It’s really bigger than that.” 


We are happy to welcome one of our newest vendors, Kat Sullivan of Reiki Groove! Kat is a Reiki Master Practitioner who moved to Asheville about a year and a half ago and focuses on integrating Reiki practice into the medical community. 



Kat’s first experience with Reiki happened a few years ago when she attended an art therapy workshop while living in New York City. Reiki sessions were happening and she remembers it being very a powerful experience. She had heard of Reiki on and off, but had little to no connection to it. Then, she met someone who was a Reiki practitioner doing Reiki in one of the hospitals. She hadn’t ever thought about incorporating this type of work into the medical world until she was met with great need.


Around two years ago, Kat had a horrific accident while walking her dog - she was hit by a car which broke her foot and unfortunately killed her dog. This incident really affected her as it would anyone losing their little best friend: “Just the impact of that had a major effect on me. I had body issues where I could continue to feel the impact in my body. I had flashbacks, anxiety, PTSD - all of that.” At the time, Kat was a dog walker in New York City and one of her clients was a Reiki practitioner who she confided in. Her client thought Reiki could help, so they started some sessions. Kat described it as “ one of the most powerful experience I ever had where I felt completely relaxed and in a meditative state. It helped me to let go of the flashbacks - I wasn’t having flashbacks as much (I was having flashbacks when I would go to bed at night). I could still see my dog and all of that. It was a fear of crossing the street and that started to go away.” It was such a profound and healing experience both physically, mentally, and emotionally that she realized she wanted to be able to do that for others too. So, she began training with her Reiki therapist through Reiki one, two, and three (a master’s level). 


Two months ago, Kat obtained her Reiki Medical Certification north of Baltimore where she met Raven Keyes, her Reiki master’s master. She is eager to get more involved in the medical community like Raven has and make Reiki more accessible to people who “have experienced trauma or are cancer, chemo, PTSD patients. I’m so excited about it because many people are talking about Reiki as a collaborative modality in the medical community, so, I think, Asheville is a perfect place for me and my business.”


Reiki is the transfer of universal life force energy by the certified Reiki Practitioner's gentle touch or in some cases holding hands near the client's body. The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is not tied to any specific religion or nationality.  Reiki balances functions of body, mind and spirit. Reiki treatments stimulate the body's own ability to heal itself by optimizing the immune system. It dissolves energy blockages and releases toxins. Reiki can create deep relaxation, enhance self-awareness; relieve pain, stress, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and side effects of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and medications. Reiki compliments and supports any conventional medical treatments. Reiki is also very beneficial during end of life palliative care for the patient and family. - Obtained from Kat’s website


Kat described what a typical session might look like or feel like: “A person would lay on a table like they were going to get a massage and then I start out in the middle of their body and get connected. It sort of works along the chakras. Then, I start at the head a move down the body. I put my hands gently on the person and move down - there are certain areas of the body I do not put my hands on, obviously. Depending on the person’s issue [or what they are working through], they may not want to be touched, it may be uncomfortable for them to be touched, or it may be too painful. You don’t have to put your hands on them it can just be close and you can still feel that energy. It takes about an hour. I don’t really put a time frame on it (it can take a little less or a little bit more), it’s more of an intuitive process and what part of the body needs more energy. It is taking care of someone’s physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of them while they are in whatever place in their life."


The most rewarding moments for Kat are when her clients are truly benefiting from Reiki sessions with her by sleeping better, being able to get out of better with little to no pain, or setting aside time for themselves and feel very tuned into their mind and body: “I really love when someone comes and wants to do something for themselves and whatever gets healed gets healed. Knowing that I can be apart of that is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”


Kat vends West Asheville Tailgate Market (and a few others) because she believes markets cultivate and provide space for people who are exploring their healing journey whether that is through food sourcing, healthier eating, connecting with community, connecting with farmers, or feeding off the life force energy that is oozing at market centers like these. They really are a grounding space and have become a part of people’s healing journeys. 


Kat's office is located on Grove St. downtown Asheville. Call, email, or visit Kat's website to schedule an appointment at her office or the comfort of your own home. A transformative and healing journey is waiting for you!


Kat Sullivan

Reiki Master Practitioner 


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