There have been some frequently asked questions so we made an FAQ  section.  Scroll down for all the answers on how to make your shopping experience more safe and efficient.  Have any questions that we haven't addressed?  Contact us and let us know.

Do I Need a Mask?
We highly encourage everyone to wear a mask and gloves. It's important that we all do our part to keep the vendors and our fellow shoppers safe.

How Do I Pay For Things?
No-touch payment systems, such as PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp are preferred at our market.  We recommend that you download these apps on your phone before coming to the market. Some vendors accept credit cards and some will take exact change. Come prepared with a couple of payment options.

What Is The Market Capacity?
We're only allowing 40 customers in at a time.  In order to keep the market at this safe number, we ask that everyone makes sure to come and go through the main entrance (by the church, near Haywood Rd, here's a map). If you see neon flagging tape do not cross that boundary.

How Do We Know What Vendors Are Attending?
We'll post a list every Monday in this newsletter and we'll also post a list on Facebook every Tuesday morning.  At some point we will have to develop a rotation, once we figure out the best system, that will be announced so everyone has advanced notice.

When Should I Come?
The market starts at 3:30, so there's no need to come before then. We've been busiest in the beginning so if you want to avoid crowds come later.  You can make sure you'll still get everything you want to buy if you arrange pre-orders with your favorite vendors.

How Does Pre-Ordering Work?
It's pretty simple. You reach out to the vendors and tell them what you want to buy.  Then arrange the payment and pick up with them individually. Here's a list of participating vendors.  We're working to flesh out this list so there will be more information about all the vendor's products.  Stay tuned.

Are There Bathrooms? Where Can I Wash My Hands?
There are no bathrooms at the market.  But we have 2 handwashing stations-- one near the entrance and the other in the center of the market.  We also have hand sanitizer near the entrance and at the market's Information Tent.

How Can People Help ?
If you have the means, you can consider donating to the market.  Since our capacity was cut in half the market isn't making enough money through vendor fees to cover its costs.  We also typically raise funds through community events and sponsorships.  Both of those streams are closed for the time being.  If financial donations aren't possible right now, 'thank you's go a long way! 


718 Haywood Rd.

Asheville, NC 28806